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JAI BHARAT's Features

At JAI BHARAT, we hold ourselves to the highest standard and believe in full transparency within our team and with our customers. For that reason, our production process includes many rigorous practices and procedures to ensure the end result is the best it can possibly be. Take a look at our key features below.



Looking at the environmental crises, we feel proud to take care of the environment by both, direct and indirect measures. The direct ones include least possible use of electricity and water in the production, recycling and reusing of water and the indirect ones include investment in a 5mw Solar project and a total of 10.5mw windmill projects.


Daily Pricing

As the raw material price i.e. guar price fluctuates on an every-day basis, we make sure that the customers are not left behind and are continuously being updated with the markets. Thus, we provide our customers with daily and updated prices.


International Standards

We are fully aware of the international standards. Also, we know that what these standards mean to our customers, thus, day in and day out, we work hard to make sure our standards not only remain, but are continuously pushed higher.


First-Rate Materials

For years, we’ve been proud to be recognized as the leader in our industry. To stay on top, we’ve worked with various field professionals to make sure everything we produce represents the quality and responsible manufacturing process we believe in.


Worldwide Shipping

With shipping to the USA, China, Argentina, Russia, Gulf countries, we can ship the product wouldwide as we have the required tie-ups with the shipping lines and the clearing agents.


24/7 Customer Service

Not only we're recognized for our high-quality manufacturing, but also for our warm and best customer service. We have been commitment to excellence throughout the years, thus providing 24/7 customer service. Also, we nullify the factor of time-difference with our customers as they can reach us out as per their convenience.


Batch Production

We understand the importance of agility required by the customers at one side and lean required by us to offer a competitive best price. Thus, we produce in batches in order to allot specific batches to the specific customers and product at the minimum cost possible.


Large Inventory low holding cost

Operating in a commodity based industry, one needs to hold a large amount of inventory. So as we do. But what separates us from others that we manage our inventory with the help of the future markets, so that the holding costs are minimum while physical stock is available as per the industry average.


Standardized Quality Managment System

So as to be consistent with our quality, something we are known for, we have incorporated standard quality management systems in order to be 100% sure of what our customers are getting and without spending extra on time and money.


Advanced Technology

The technology is changing on a regular basis. It gets updated every-day. Thus, to survive and flourish in this dynamic market, we adopt the latest technologies as and when they are available in order to decrease the costs further.


Productivity Enhancement

Being one of the oldest in this industry throughout the world, we have seen the evolution of the product and thus, to survive, have evolved with the same. We have been working continuously to increase the productivity without decreasing the quality in order to pass on the benefits to our customers.


Industry Award for Service

Well known throughout the industry, Jai Bharat have been awarded with many awards for its excellence services and product quality. The goodwill maintained by the company is what everyone values and this is what we vouch for.

Our Features: Production
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