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Jai Bharat Gum & Chemicals Ltd.

Committed to Quality

Since opening in 1981, countless clients have counted on Jai Bharat Gum & Chemicals Ltd. for high quality products. Our ceaseless commitment to excellence has built our reputation as the best in the industry, and with an impressive selection that’s constantly growing, we guarantee you’ll find exactly what you need.

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Splits Division

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Animal Feed Division

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Guar Splits and Meal: Products

Guar Refined Splits

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Guar Gum Split is manufactured from Guar seeds and refined to different purity levels as per buyer's requirements. Under this division we manufacture Guar Dehusked splits of single, double and triple purified grades with annual capacity of 46000 m.t and sell under our brand name” Jai Bharat” .We manufacture high quality Guar splits of 93% dehusked, 96% dehusked and 100% dehusked. Our Guar Splits is always the first choice of our customers due to its quality because our splits is cleaner, is without foreign particles or dust/powder and is made from high viscosity Haryana seeds.

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93% Purity

96% Purity

98% Purity

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Animal Feed Division

Jai Bharat has a separate division to cater the demand of Animal feed manufacturers. Guar Seed is derived from the nature. The hull and the germ part of the seed are protein rich. The hull part is known as Guar Churi and the germ part is known as Guar Meal/Guar korma. The germ part is further processed to increase the protein percentage by roasting it, which decreases the moisture level. It is then called Roasted Guar Meal/Roasted Guar korma. Jai Bharat’s animal feed division manufacturers the highest quality products with an annual capacity of more than 60,000 M.T.

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Guar Korma (Meal)

Client Favorite

The Germ part of Guar Seeds, Guar Korma is derived from milling & pulverizing of guar seeds and separating Guar korma from Guar Splits (endosperm) through basic size separation. It appears as a brown powder in thick granulatory form. Guar Korma has high content of protein (Upto 52%) and carbohydrates with sufficient amount of amino acids which is best suitable for cows, buffaloes and other ruminants. It enhances the production of milk as well as percentage of fat in the milk along with benefiting the health of the animal.

Roasted Guar Korma (Meal)

Featured Item

Guar Korma is roasted at high temperatures to remove the natural trypsin inhibitors, enhancing the protein percentage (Upto 60%) thereby increasing the nutritive value and digestibility. The product that is derived is Roasted Guar Meal/Roasted Guar Korma. Roasted Guar Korma reduces the feed cost as it provides alternative to other expensive protein sources such as soya, ground nut etc. It is a 100% natural agricultural product without the addition of any chemicals/preservatives, Non-GMO product. It further offers high energy quotient with a balanced amino acid profile, which helps in increasing the productivity of animals, therefore becoming the necessity for the feed industry.

Guar Churi

New Addition

The hull part of Guar Seeds, Guar Churi is derived from milling of guar seeds and removal of guar gum through basic heat treatment. The appearance of Guar Churi is white coarse powder form. Because it consists of good amount of protein (Upto 38%) and is manufactured without the influence of any chemical, Guar churi gained popularity in the International as well as Domestic markets. Completely safe to use merchandize in animal feed industry, Guar churi is a cost effective and a perfect substitute for oil cakes of cotton, soya etc.

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Guar Splits and Meal: Files
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Cattle Feed

Being a natural product, Guar Meal  is used in the cattle feed for growth as well as to boost the milking capacity with high content of fat in it. Thus adding to profits along with animal health.

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Fish Feed

In Fish Feed, Guar Meal increases the protein content without adding much costs and fats and it elastics the modulus of the fasces adding to better water quality and fish growth. Thus maintaining the rate of fish population.

Feeding the Chickens

Poultry Feed

The inclusion of Guar Protein Meal by-products in poultry diets may be a useful economic strategy for decreasing feed costs while maintaining production levels as it boosts egg laying capacity along with reducing the bacterial growth.

Family Feeding Pigs

Swine Feed

Guar Protein Meal by-products are used in Swine feed to boost the fattening performance in swine and are used as a feed leading to more pork along with maintain pork quality

Guar Splits and Meal: Features
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