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Corporate Social Responsibility

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of JAI BHARAT GUM & CHEMICALS LTD. to ensure that not only our clients receive the most quality, reliable guar products but also the society gets benefit from our existence. The founder, Shri. Hanuman Prashad Kedia and Mr. Ravinder Kedia, are connected with the society i.e. their roots so much that they believe in self growth only when the surroundings grow simultaneously. They do a lot for the employees of the company, immediate surroundings, environment as whole, people residing in the place of operations and many more. A glimpse of the same is shown in this section.

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Guar Gum manufacturer CSR Activities
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Sustainable Energy

Green Energy

For the Survival

We have invested heavily in the renewable energy sector which includes a total of 5 MW solar plant and a total of 5, 2.1 MW wind mill each, totalling to 15.5 MW green energy production. We feel proud in stating this as we are doing the best to take care of the current environmental crises.

Girl Child Education

For the Mankind

The company provides free education to all of it's employee's girl child as they say "Educate a girl, Educate a family." This is purely because of the strong ideologies of the people running the company.

School Kids

Employees Colony

For the employees

The employees of the company have been provided with flats for their families as they can relax and recover from the exertion throughout the day and spend quality time with their families at night.


For the society

The company has build a school with world-class facilities like soccer, cricket, handball, volleyball and many other playgrounds with NCC training. And the children are taught by the best available teachers.



For the society

The company has build a Multi-speciality hospital in order to provide best health facilities like ICUs, X-rays etc. to the poor class in the society with as less as 25Cents check-up fees.

Hospital for Cows

For the Gods

In India, Cows are worshiped. But on the other hand, they are left aside on streets just to die once they get ill. We believe in the Indian culture and the mankind. Followed by which, the company has built a hospital for cows in order to treat them and get them in best possible condition.

Image by Stijn te Strake

Water treatment plant

For the environment

We are aware of the value of water in today's world and have taken every step to not only decrease the usage of water, but also recycle and re-use the one used in the production.

Marriage Palace

For the society

Looking at the craze in the Indians to get their children married with best possible arrangements, the company has built a marriage palace with centralised air-conditions and lifts with minimum possible charges.

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