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                                           JAI BHARAT GROUP
                            Jai Bharat Gum & Chemicals Ltd.            &            Jai Bharat Polymers LLP.

Being GOI’s Recognized three star export house, Jai Bharat group takes pride as one of the pioneer manufacturers – exporters of Guar products. We enjoy being ranked as  the largest as well as the highest quality manufacturers of guar products  among our competitors.  Our constant commitment to provide our customers with the best quality products since 1981 has kept us scaling heights  in the business growth till now. We are located at a place called Siwani, in the state of Haryana, just 100 miles away from the Country's Capital - New Delhi, also known for producing the highest viscosity guar seeds in the world, giving us a competitive edge in producing best quality and high viscosity products. The group has two manufacturing facilities; the first one is JAI BHARAT GUM & CHEMICALS LTD for manufacturing of Guar Dehusked Splits, Roasted Guar Meal (Korma) and Guar meal and the second one is JAI BHARAT POLYMERS LLP for Guar Gum Powder of oil drilling grade, food grade and industrial grade of various specifications to match with  our customer's requirements.



Late Sh. Hanuman
Prasad Kedia

The Founder

Starting a company that survives beyond infancy is a lot like raising a child. Just as parents do, Late Sh Hanuman Prasad Kedia, the founders of JAI BHARAT GROUP give it all he got to bring this group to its level it is today.  His contributions towards Jai Bharat‘s success is unmatched & peerless especially looking back at the time when he conceived this venture. Now when the JAI BHARAT GROUP has made its place not only as manufacturers of Guar products among its competitors in India but as well among the end users of Guar all over the Globe, he decided to step back and pass the baton to the new CEO his son Mr Ravinder Kedia so that the company to  keep growing and reach its full potential.

Mr. Ravinder Kedia


Being an up right person with utmost enthusiasm and passion, Mr. Ravinder Kedia decided to carry forward the dreams seen by his father in 1981. His belief that “ Every person has a unique skill set, and is an investment in the company's future” has made perceptible positive changes in  the company. He carried a team of a few people, spent every waking moment together in the pursuit of a common goal. As the result of that he ended up inevitably creating a strong bond among everyone within the group. He, being a person having deep insight about the Guar and unparalleled experience in this area, has proved instrumental in enhancing the unblemished image of Jai Bharat is known for. Further, carrying on the legacy since 1994 set by his father, he too contributes a  lot for the society.

Mr. K.S. Talwar


Retired as an ex-banker, Mr. K. S. Talwar associated with Jai Bharat in 2007. His ideology believing in "Being ethical for building trust-worthy relationships with the Customers, Suppliers and Employees, the three pillars for an organizational success - then after business growth and reputation are a consequence" is the foundation of all the long-term business relations Jai Bharat holds till date. Heading the marketing department of the company, working day and night towards providing 100% satisfaction to the customers, his efforts are the reason behind on-time and errorless Supply chain of Jai Bharat. Further, he not only provides his unprecedented expertise in the field of finance, but also provides Legal expertise to the Company.

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Guar Seeds, Guar Gum, Guar Gum Powder, Guar Meal, Guar Churi & Guar Korma


Showcase of Work

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Jai Bharat Guar Gum Powder

Guar Dehusked Splits

Purity - 93%-100%

Guar Gum Powder

Viscosity - 100cps-9000cps

Guar Meal / Korma

Protein - 50%-65%

Guar Churi

Protein - 28%-38%


What separates us from the rest is our unrelenting commitment to supply the consistent quality at the fair price. We are and we will always be honest and forthright in our dealings with the customer and strive to earn and maintain our client's trust.

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To exceed our customer's expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction. To strive towards maintaining the industry's standard in the service to customers. To maintain a superior level of integrity with business partners and associates.



We will earn our customer's enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by integrity, teamwork, and innovation. We don’t settle for anything less than excellence in the company. We have the self-honesty to admit when we’re wrong and have the courage to change.

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Jai Bharat Gum & Chemicals LTD.

Guar Dehusked Splits & Guar Meal

Jai Bharat Polymers LLP..jpg

Jai Bharat Polymers LLP.

Guar Gum Powder & Derivatives

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Our Competitive edge

Strengthening Our Products

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Automated Plants

As part of our rigorous manufacturing process, we make sure each product is flawless before it goes on sale. With this feature, we can guarantee our commitment to excellence with every single product.

First-Rate Materials

When it comes to great products, a strong foundation is essential. We’re known for our quality standards, and always make sure this feature is one of the most important focuses for our team.

propane photo2.jpg

Propane Gas Tank

Efficiency, reliability, consistency - these are the three pillars helping us stand high above all our competitors. This feature ensures that we maintain this standing and provide quality products at fair prices.

Le-Agile Supply Chain

Lean operations to decrease our costs by minimal motion, inventory holding etc., while Agile by providing individual customer with products as per their specifications. We do not believe in the trade-off between quality and time. We provide best quality products with least product lead time.

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ISO 22000

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

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Data Center

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Of India's Total Guar Gum Split's Export


Largest Guar Gum and Guar Products Exporter In India


Growth in the sales for 2020-21 compared to last financial year

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Wall Of Fame

Recognized as the Best


Truly Top-Notch

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Jai Bharat, A Brand Name That Has Earned Trust Over Several Decades!

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Distt. Bhiwani, Haryana, 127046.



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